What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Breck’s recently tried to answer this question with a two-part study that included an analysis of Google Trends search volumes and a survey of 700 mamas across the country.

The first part of the study looked specifically at the types of flowers googled in the week leading up to Mother’s Day in each state over the past five years. It’s no surprise that the iconic rose scored the top spot—with more searches than other flowers in a whopping 18 states.

photo: RF Studios via Pexels

Second place went to three different flowers: Gardenias, cyclamen, and poppies. Other highly-searched flowers across the country included crocuses (the most popular in Hawaii and Kansas) and tulips (the winner in Michigan and Indiana).

The 700-mom survey reflected the search trends, with more than 60 percent of mamas saying they would want to get roses for Mother’s Day. Forty-six percent of participants wanted tulips and 40 percent wanted lilies.

Along with flower choices, Breck’s survey also looked at Mother’s Day spending. The average gift for mom tops $67. Fifty-six percent of moms picked gardening wares as a top gift choice, 52 percent would choose food or wine, and 49 percent want clothing, jewelry, or accessories!

—Erica Loop



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