Sometimes even super-moms need a little support when things get a bit too hectic. Juggling carpools, play dates, and ummm, getting some sleep sometimes seems downright impossible with a toddler clinging to your leg.

Understanding the realities of the chaos that is motherhood, Victoria Oldridge, a Seattle-based entrepreneur and mother of two, set out to create a place where moms could come together and connect on just about everything. Say hello to MoxTree. Think of MoxTree like a Facebook just for moms, where you can connect with other mamas who are going through the same issues as you (terrible twos anyone?). And because your network is comprised of moms who are in similar stages of motherhood, you’re really getting to know a network of your peers who can relate to what you’re dealing on a daily basis.

But meeting moms is only part of MoxTree. After you’ve made connections, you can create personalized groups for everything from recipe sharing to fitness groups to professional contacts. What’s great about MoxTree is that you’re making connections with like-minded moms who share your interests and passions. So whether you’re a busy working mom, or a busy full-time mom, MoxTree can connect you with others in your community just like you. Sign up and start meeting your new mom group today.

— Scott Wardell

photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer