Ms. Jeannie Ruiz

I did not always love math. In fact, while I was good at the subject, no classroom ever made numbers useful for me. When I dove headlong into teaching elementary, the Art of STEM Online mission became clear. Make learning fun. Make math useful. Develop curriculum that is joyful, engaging, and successful in building skills for a lifetime of creative problem-solving. The best way to engage kids in math is through STEAM projects.

Art of STEM Online focuses on PreK through 6th grade boosting awareness of STEM as an accessible and FUN path to success in all walks of life. PressPlay Web Camps help families and schools continue high level problem solving they can access at home or at school. STEAMstart combines literacy and numeracy to help kids excel at data driven decision-making. Driving STEM gets kids’ attention with radio controlled vehicles.

After 20 years of developing programs, we’ve figured out how to get them interested and keep their attention (whether you are teaching in the kitchen or in the classroom). Art of STEM Online is a proud supporter of interNational STEM League and one of iNSL’s Partners Driving STEM. All sales on this site contribute 5% to iNSL.org, 501C-3 charitable organization.

-from Jeannie Ruiz, Ms. Jeannie Ruiz
Online: http://www.artofstemonline.com