Sometimes it takes a village—and sometimes it takes IKEA! Even though you may think of the Swedish swag as fab furnishings for your Haute home, IKEA can totally help you with parenting too. From IKEA furniture to storage solutions (and so, so, so much more!), these playful picks will help you to step up your parenting game.

Trofast Storage

Does your child's room look like a tornado of toys? The Trofast storage combination with boxes has plenty of room to stash their stuff. The lightweight bins are easy to use, move or store. Use this pick with the Trofast lid to seal playthings in place.

Buy a set here, $69.99.

Slakt Folding Mattress

Setting up for your child's next sleepover was never this easy! This folding mattress is super-simple to use, fits under the coordinating Slakt bed and keeps guests comfy all night long. 

Buy it here, $109.

Onsklig Racks for Changing Table

Make changing time easier with this set of four racks. Keep everything within arm's reach, and away from baby, with these mini baskets. use the convenient containers to store washcloths, skincare items, diapers, wipes or anything else you need right now.

Buy the set, $9.99.

Losjon Hanger

You need to store your child's stuff—but also want an aesthetically awesome way to organize. These hangers combine form and function into one colorful system. The five pack includes two different sizes in an assortment of hues. 

Buy the system here, $8.99.

Matvra Place Mat

Do you have a picky eater? Make meal-time fun with this fruit and veggie-patterned place mat. Not only is this a completely cute home accent, but it can save your table from an oatmeal assault or banana bash. Bonus—the uneven underside keeps this pretty pick in place.

Buy it here, $1.49.

Flisat Toy Storage

This simple storage solution, comes with casters, making it easy to cart around! Use the Flisat to keep your tot's toys in check or roll it to the next play-day destination. 

Buy it here, $29.99.

Flisat Doll House/Wall Shelf

What's better than IKEA storage solutions? IKEA furniture that pulls double-duty! This play-time pick is a doll house that doubles as a shelf.

Buy it here, $34.99.

Undvika Corner Bumper

Now that your kiddo is off and toddling, it's time for some serious baby-proofing. This corner bumper comes eight to a pack and is easy to use.

Buy them here, $3.99 a pack.

Tossig Toilet Seat

Now your kiddo can go, on the go. The Tossig is perfectly shaped for the pint-sized set, fits easily over the regular sized seat and has anti-slip material on the underside. 

Buy it here, $7.99.

Sniglar Changing Table

This inexpensive basic table provides plenty of storage and can double as a sweet shelf when your now-baby turns into a potty-trained preschooler. 

Buy it here, $34.99.

—Erica Loop



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Images courtesy IKEA

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase.