You’re not alone.

A lot of babies don’t enjoy getting their diapers change. I just had a client who was very stressed about the fact her babies hated diaper changes. This is normal. Babies want to move. Especially once they are able to crawl and/or walk. So what are some tricks/tips to keep your baby content while changing diapers and not getting a total meltdown? We have some just for you.

1. Comfort. Is your baby comfortable during the change? Why or why not? Some babies don’t like to be laid straight down. Trick? Take one of your swaddle blankets and roll it to look like a noodle. Then lay your baby on the top half of the circle. Adjust it to prop your baby up a little.

2. If your baby tries to roll over, try the half way diaper change. Nothing is wrong with changing your bundle of joy from the side. It’s a little different than usual but it’s actually easier to clean the off.

3. Grab some of their favorite toys. If babies are occupied with their toys they won’t even notice the change. 

4. Belt out some notes! You might not be an awesome singer but your baby loves that voice! My favorite is singing “Row Your Boat”. My son always was obsessed with making lion roar!

5. If you have a tot and they’re not ready to be potty trained, change them while they stand. I usually grab a small book and have them stand and change quickly. Get them involved. Have them hold the wipes/diapers and tell them when you’re ready. They love to help!