It seems as if my quest for travel and adventure is a never ending one.  My travels have seen me criss cross the United States several times, explore Canada and Mexico, see most of Europe, and spend considerable time in Australia.  Now, I am ready for new lands and new cultures, and have set my sights on the  United Emirates.

One of my criteria when I travel is to find places and locales that have a great many opportunities.  After all, what is the point in experiencing something new if one truly does not experience something new?  Food, sight seeing, different languages, historic places; these are wonderful learning opportunities that I hope to experience when I travel.  Dubai has so much to offer, so many opportunities located in one large city; many such opportunities that most large cities simply do not.

When I lived in Australia for a number of years, I spent a large amount of time actually living on an island in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.  From this, my love of snorkeling grew.  I was excited to see that Dubai offers beautiful waters and awe inspiring snorkeling off their coast.   Indeed, there is the opportunity to really get a fantastic view of the coral reefs, along with a number of wrecks on the ocean’s floor. My wife has something different in mind’; she wants to sky dive. Now, I am not that brave. I have experienced just about everything, but that is not one thing I have on my bucket list. It is on hers.   She wants to jump out of a plane and sky dive.   As one who has lived the motto of Carpe Diem in all I do, I admire her desire to do this, and encourage her. I just won’t join her, myself!

My bags are almost packed, my passport is up to date, and the plane tickets are about to be purchased.  It is time to set off for new adventures. It is time for new experiences.  It is time for me to learn more about the world, and more about myself in it.