Since motherhood tends to change every aspect of your life, including style, love, holidays it’s no surprise that your health can be transformed as well. Now two kids deep, I decided to dive into 8 different aspects of my health including exercise, nutrition, sleep and spirituality to see how things compare.  Here is a lighthearted look at how my health has evolved since having children and I’m keeping score.


Before Mom (BM): Pre-kids, I had time to focus on my nutrition and time to implement it. I also had time to go out… this usually coincided with adult indulgences including drinking, fancy cheese and yummy desserts.

After Becoming Mom (AM): Although I do my best to create wholesome balanced meals, we eat mac and cheese way too often because sometimes it’s just about getting my picky toddler to eat.  And from there who haven’t finished their kids’ carb loaded meals?

1 Point for Before Mom


BM: Expensive gym memberships and boutique studio classes kept me in shape. Other than that glorious hour though, I spent the majority of time sitting at my desk, and since sitting is the new smoking, my 1-hour classes weren’t cutting it.

AM: Although I’m not making it to the gym anymore, my two boys keep me active. I’m often pushing my double stroller across Manhattan or lugging around a 15-pound dumbbell (aka my youngest). I’d say having kids is a big win here!

1 Point for After Mom


BM: I had it so good! Not only could I easily fit in eight hours of sleep, but I had full control over it. If I decided to stay up late one night, at least I could plan to make up for it later.

AM: No need to go into detail here. There is a reason moms have an obsession with coffee. Prior to becoming a mom, I knew I would have to sacrifice sleep the first year, but geez when does it end? Maybe when they go to college I’ll get my eight hours back?

1 Point for Before Mom (Should there be bonus points here?!)


BM: Before children, I only had to worry about myself. On the surface, this makes things seem less complicated..   However, too much obsessing over oneself can also be dangerous… selfie culture much?

AM: I’m constantly worrying about keeping two little ones alive. This can be exhausting and taxing. My mental load has ballooned and it’s no surprise I often suffer from mom brain. That being said, it all pales in comparison to the fulfillment I feel from raising two beautiful humans.  Not to get sentimental, but as every parent will attest, they really do bring new meaning to life.

Tie: 1 Point for BM 1 Point for AM


BM: Real adult conversations ALL THE TIME: who knew that was a special thing?

AM: I’m probably losing brain cells daily when negotiating with a two-year-old and entertaining an infant. In addition, having to read the same book over and over again, I don’t feel like I’m evolving much in the intellectual department. Thank god for my business, Maia Moda, otherwise I think I may go mad!

1 Point for Before Mom


BM: Wasn’t it nice to have some bonus money to spend on yourself?

AM: Kids are expensive! It’s truly evident once they start school, especially when living in Manhattan. I pay more for preschool here then I did for my Canadian University degree! Well, at least this part isn’t a surprise to anyone.

1 Point for Before Mom


BM: New York City is a social city and most people are open to new friendships. However, to be honest, before having children my husband and I were getting tired of the merry go round. Since folks in the city are so transient you are constantly recruiting new friends.

AM: Mom groups, daycare, park days – there are just so many more opportunities to connect. Our social life after kids is different but still great. I’ve also found the people with kids in the city are here to stay—an extra bonus.

1 Point for After Mom


BM: I’m not much of a religious person, so hardly gave it a thought before children, full stop.

AM: Spirituality came back with a vengeance once I had kids. I was now faced with answering questions from my children that I hadn’t thought about in a long time, like why do we celebrate Christmas? What is dying? Is there a god? Just small questions like that :)

1 Point for After Mom

So, all in all, it’s a pretty tight balance, but the health of before mom wins 5 to 4. However, I am comforted by the latest studies that have shown people with kids live longer lives than their childless peers, which I would say is the ultimate yardstick for health. Although not proven, many scholars attribute this to children taking care of their parents when they get older. Hope my kids will hold up their end of the bargain and take care of me when all this running around finally drives me insane.


Featured Photo Courtesy: VABo2040 via Pixabay