My Little Pony is getting a makeover. Hasbro’s entertainment studio Entertainment One recently announced the upcoming release of theatrical-quality CG animation film and a new series debuting on Netflix later this year!

The iconic world of Equestria is expanding. In the new My Little Pony franchise film, the beloved brand will introduce a new generation of adorable awesomeness and cute cartoons (or rather, CG animated) creatures.

My Little Pony’s latest creation features a divided world, where the Ponies are separated into species. Your kiddo will get to know Sunny Starscout, an idealistic young pony who just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Earth Pony townies. When Izzy the Unicorns wanders into town, Sunny befriends the magical being and takes off on an out-of-this-world adventure. The pair travel to far away lands, face their fears, turn old enemies into friends, and so much more.

As if Sunny and Izzy’s My Little Pony adventures aren’t enough, the film also includes the “world’s cutest” flying Pomeranian and a cast of characters your kiddo is sure to love.

The CG animated Netflix film isn’t the end of the newest My Little Pony saga. Sunny Starscout and her friends will return to the streaming service for an all-new series this fall.

—Erica Loop

Feature Photo: Discovery Press



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