Fans of My Little Pony, get pumped: the Mane 6 is here for you in a big way this holiday with a brand new My Little Pony hotline for kids! From now until Dec. 31, everypony can call the toll free holiday hotline at 1-833-249-0483 and hear from Princess Celestia as she wishes you a Happy Hearth’s Warming.

Your young kiddos will get a kick out of hearing from their fave pals from Equestria. After they hear the special message from Princess Celestia, kids can choose to hear from each of the other Mane 6 ponies!

Photo: Courtesy of My Little Pony

Once Celestia has finished her message, press one of the following numbers for a super sweet message. Each pony has a unique message you won’t want to miss.

1. Twilight Sparkle

2. Rarity

3. Applejack

4. Fluttershy

5. Rainbow Dash

6 Pinkie Pie.

Once you’re done having your chat, tune into Netflix to catch the special My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Best Gift Ever episode!

––Karly Wood

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