“I am a child of the modern direct sales company model. Thirty years ago, my mom made a decision to ‘sell a little jewelry on the side,’ and it changed the direction of our family forever.”

Recently, I shared my mom’s story in this article as a tribute to her and as a way to thank her for the sacrifices that she made for our family. She’s been with the same direct sales company for all of those 30 years, and I’ve witnessed how it can work and can change lives. As a child, I couldn’t appreciate all of the work she was doing behind the scenes every single day, but now as an adult, I can never thank her enough for those years of selfless dedication and commitment.

Her story has resonated with women all over the country, and so I’ve reflected on what I’ve learned by reading posts, comments and messages from those in the direct sales industry:

1. We can’t encourage too much. Encouragement doesn’t always mean signing up to buy or sell something. It can be so simple. Ask how someone’s business is going. Or like a post. Or say a kind word. In a world of so much negativity, a ray of positivity can shine so brightly, and it might be the one thing that woman needed today.

2. Everyone has a different “why.” Each reason for choosing a direct sales path is unique and everyone has a different story, but my mom taught me that sometimes you just have to ask. So maybe ask someone about their “why?” The answer might surprise or enlighten or even encourage you. But all of our “whys” are the universal motivation that keeps us going each day.

3. It’s a timely message. The direct sales industry is growing every year among moms. According to the Direct Selling Association, 20.5 million Americans are involved in direct sales, and my mom is just one of those people. Direct sales was the vehicle for her to choose a path that combined her skills and passions while allowing her to provide financially and still be present with her kids…and now her grandkids.

This little article was meant to encourage those who work tirelessly to provide for their families in unconventional ways, and I have been struck by the importance and power of supporting one another to pursue their dreams. I meant every single word when I wrote, “So I’m raising to my hand to say, ‘YES! My mom did it! It works and it can change lives.’ I’ve lived firsthand what direct selling companies can provide which is financial freedom, stability for families and opportunities for moms to transcend brick and mortar jobs.”

For the mom in direct sales: I truly hope that you can see the long term impact of your choice and that it can echo for generations. Your children are watching and absorbing so many skills by watching you grow a business. So be encouraged! Be empowered! Let’s unite together as we all get out of bed each morning to provide for our families whether it’s direct sales, or a traditional 8-5, or a part time gig, or the all-consuming work of raising kids at home. We really are stronger together when we support one another on this journey of motherhood.

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