It’s not uncommon for me to overbook my weekends. Sounds familiar? In fact, I do it often and the result is always the same stress and anxiety that I unnecessarily put on myself. Last Saturday was a perfect example of this self-imposed stress and anxiety.

I woke up at 6am to flip recipes and work on the blog. I had just finished baking and cooking when Caro woke up. That translates to putting the blog on hold, which then turns into anxiety over not getting it done as quickly as I would have liked. I made Caro’s breakfast and got her ready for a day of food shopping, a trip to the museum, lunch, swimming and dinner with Joe. All this IN ONE DAY. Where does one come up for air? Where in this packed schedule am I supposed to enjoy all these activities?

I struggle with the sad reality that because I am a working mom with long hours, I don’t spend a lot of time with my little girl during the week, which leads to extreme mom guilt. The guilt consumes me and that leads to feeling like I have to overcompensate by doing a million things with her on the weekends. Now add on top of that, all that stress and anxiety that I’m also carrying.

So, how much fun are we really having? I’m compromising my sanity and my ability to be fully present with her and I end up beating myself up over this. I start to wonder if she (at the age of 2 ½) will remember any of it? Will she remember all the things we did? Or will it feel like one big rush to her? And really, if we did one thing together that she really enjoys doing with me, wouldn’t that be the “best me” I can give her? Quality, not quantity.

So here I am sharing my feelings and mommy confessionals that are very personal to me. I’m hoping to find other moms/dads that struggle with the same. I know you’re out there because we’re all in this together! Are these feelings common? If so, what advice can you share?