Everyone needs to feel that super-special sense of belonging. The new song “My Tribe,” by Austin band The Mrs is all about that, and more. If you haven’t heard of this Austin, Texas all-women band, we’ve got the scoop on them and their fab new album.

The four-woman band The Mrs released their debut self-titled album in March of 2017. Their sophomore album, Five Minutes, was released in 2018. With plenty of empowering music, The Mrs is your next new fave, especially their track, “My Tribe.”

Along with the other tracks on Five Minutes, the song “My Tribe” is something that you’ll totally understand—and appreciate. While this is music for mamas (and dads too!), the lyrics of “My Tribe” are oh-so-perfect to use in some of your more serious parenting moments:

“It takes a village to help you win a fight / It takes a friend to show you wrong from right / Though they may not be perfect, they are always by your side / My tribe.”

You can download the Five Minutes album, as well as the “My Tribe” single, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. Proceeds from the title track go towards The Kindness Campaign, a charity that helps to end bullying.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of The Mrs



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