What do you get when you combine soft, chewy granola bites with real fruit chunks? How about a super snack that’s akin to an oatmeal raisin cookie or a mini blueberry muffin? Meet the newest product from New Jersey-based snack company MySuperFoods called MySuperSnack. One bite into MySuperSnack granola bites and your even your picky little snackers will be asking for seconds.

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What makes them awesome?
The brainchild of two health-conscious mammas, Silvia Gianni & Katie Jesionowski, MySuperSnack takes your snacking to a whole new level thanks to its awesome ingredients. In addition to tasting great, MySuperSnack boasts a whole list of vitamins, nutrients, and other good stuff that are just what active and healthy kids need to keep them fueled on their daily adventures. Each serving of MySuperSnack has 10 grams of whole grains, 3 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 17 essential vitamins and minerals, plus a dash of Omega-3s. Combine that with MySuperFoods’ promise to keep MySuperSnack free from GMOs, preservatives, additives, and all artificial flavors, and you truly have a healthy snack that won’t let your kids down.


What you’ll love
Because these chewy whole grain nibbles are soft, you don’t need to worry about a crumby mess after snack time is over like other granola bars. You might even find yourself sneaking a bite out of these soft pillows of granola goodness; they’re that good.

MySuperFoods goes a step further to make sure their snack packaging is BPA-free and resealable. So even if your little ones don’t finish the whole bag in one sitting, they can zip it closed and save it for later (though they will probably be reluctant to share!).

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Where to Buy
MySuperSnack currently comes in three tasty flavors: Apple Raisin, Blueberry Banana Acai, and their super yummy Chocolate Chip. Check out their online retailers to get it shipped right to your door. A 6 count box of MySuperSnack packs retails for around $17.

Give your super kids the energy they need with MySuperSnack.

Have you tried all three flavors of MySuperSnack? Which was your kid’s fave?

photos courtesy of MySuperFoods