Photo: Jamie Rector Photography

Think nail polish is just for girls? Think again! Because all kids should have fun, Alpha Kids set out to change the coversation around nail polish, offering the first-ever nail polish for girls and boys. All children are given the creative freedom to use their imagination, experiment with color so leave your stereotypes at the door because we focus on exploration, individuality, and artistry. It is important for girls and boys to be given equal opportunities to imagine, learn, and create.

With my M.A. degree in Early Childhood Development, I have worked for nearly 20 years as a child development specialist and currently run an educational website called Mama Bear Britt. I also work as a child development specialist for Los Angeles County. And as a mom of a girl and a boy, I know the importance of inspiring and encouraging the developing brain, soul, and spirit of her children, thus, The Alpha Kids was born.

Having a bold and fearless daughter first has paved the way for my two-year-old son—who aspires to do everything she does. Because of my educational and professional background, I have always made sure to create a more gender fluid environment, in terms of toys and stimuli. I know that there are more cognitive building skills to be had with open-ended toys, such as blocks, cars, balls, and dolls and that is where the focus is. My kids have had an environment to freely explore and create without all the typical gender biased verbiage, such as “that’s pink, it’s for girls.”

“My daughter enjoys painting her nails here and there, but it’s really my son who absolutely loves to color himself.” I didn’t think much of it until I began to see other little boys who also shared the same passion for color as my son.

Back in 2011 J.Crew posted an ad with Jenna Lyons, the creative director painting her son nails pink. The ad portrayed how she and her son enjoy their weekend quality time and how much fun they have painting their toenails neon pink. shared this ad titling it “J. Crew Ad Stirs Up Controversy with Pink Nail Polish.” How silly that the color pink for a boy or even nail polish on his toes would cause such a stir. To this little boy, he loved pink, and he loved the color on his toes. Plain and simple. Now more than ever parents today are much more mindful to how our actions, learned stereotypes and behaviors affect our children. It is much more important to encourage play, creativity, and exploration, rather than limit kids on color choices or who can paint their toes.

That is why Alpha Kids is a nail polish for everyone! Girls and boys should feel free to express their individuality in artistic, and colorful ways. Parents can rest assured that they are not harmful, toxic, or harsh for little nails. The Alpha Kid’s polishes are 10-Free, Vegan, & Cruelty-free; as well as handcrafted in small batches and made in the USA. Happy painting!