With Arbor Day right around the corner, a group of AccuWeather employers decided to celebrate early by planting a Dwarf Alberta Spruce in front of their State College, Pennsylvania office building. If you’re wondering why an office tree-planting party got so much attention, read on for the deets on what the AccuWeather team did to up the adorable factor and make Arbor Day even more fun!

So why did the PA-based office staff decide to green their outdoor area? When the AccuWeather team brainstormed ways to celebrate both Earth and Arbor Days, they landed on an action that would help the environment in several seriously significant ways—planting a tree.

After planting the tree, the team decided their new addition needed a name. Instead of nicknaming the Dwarf Alberta Spruce themselves, they came up with a few potential ideas for the general public (that’s you!) to choose from.

The oh-so-creatively cute names include Spruce Springsteen, Alberta Clipper, Forrest Stump, Treeyoncé, and Albus Dumbledwarf. Obviously the majority of the names are based in pop culture, with one exception. Unlike Spruce Springsteen or Forest Stump, Alberta Clipper doesn’t come from a music icon or epic movie. The folks at AccuWeather are, of course, majorly into all things atmospheric. An Alberta Clipper is a winter storm system that starts in or near Alberta, Canada and sweeps down into the United States, quickly spreading cold Canadian air and snow.

How can you vote for your fave name? Visit the AccuWeather website for more info on picking the company’s newest tree’s name!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: JuergenPM via Pixabay



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