Whether you’re looking to teach the kiddos a map or just want a challenge to keep them occupied for a few minutes, this fill-in-the-blank map of the United States should fit the bill. How many can the kids name without looking it up? And how many can you name? Take yourself back to geography class with this simple activity. Just click here to get a printable you can do at home.

kid and a map photo: clappstar via flickr 

Go Beyond:

Score some bonus points by trying to name the capitals of every state.

Mark which states you’ve been to.

Name friends, family or famous people from as many of the states as you can.

Name the state flower, bird or motto.

Write the abbreviations for each state, and then try and spell out the entire state.

What state do you live in? Tell us in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier