In the era of emails and text messages, your mailbox—like, the real one on your door—is probably getting neglected. However, when you’re expecting mail from your NASA astronaut pen pal, checking that mail slot will be the highlight of your little space explorer’s day! Read on to find out how your kiddo can get in on this out-of-this-world experience.

According to Lifehacker Offspring, your kids can write to a NASA astronaut and they just might receive a response. Just imagine the look on their faces when they find a letter in the mailbox with their name on it…from NASA!

photo: WikiImages via Pixabay

To get started, you’ll need to pick an astronaut tho whom you’ll write. This is a good time to hit the library to learn more about the NASA program and the brave women and men who’ve actually spent time in outer space. You can also look up bios for current astronauts at NASA’s website here.

Once you’ve picked your lucky astronaut, you should compose your letter. Offspring suggests coming up with a specific question to help ensure that you will get a real response, like the amazing two-page letter one four-year-old received after her dad helped her write a letter to NASA scientist Dr. David Williams with a question about a probe headed to Jupiter’s moons.

You can also make a request for an autographed photo from current astronauts who are in training or are assigned to an upcoming flight. Any mail and photo requests can be sent to:

NASA Johnson Space Center
CB/Astronaut Office
Houston, TX 77058

As Offspring suggests, it might help your cause to include a self-addressed and stamped return envelope.

Good luck, space cadets!

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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