The last few weeks the world has been buzzing with excitement over the Mars landing. Now, National Geographic wants to take everyone on a trip to the red planet.

In collaboration with NASA, National Geographic has just launched an exclusive augmented reality (AR) experience on its @natgeo Instagram. The AR activation gives users an opportunity to be the Perseverance rover with its 360 degree look.

To access the new AR feature, head to Instagram and click on the link in NatGeo’s bio. Your stories will open up with the brand new filter as an option.

With the new activation, families can operate the rovers extremities and see Mars through its eyes. National Geographic collaborated with NASA on the Mars AR activation to ensure accuracy through the experience.

photo: Rawpixel

Can’t get enough of Mars? You’ll want to pick up National Geographic’s March issue, which explores the red planet as well as visit the immersive experience available online at the National Geographic space hub,

––Karly Wood



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