Do your kiddos love the red planet? If they’re clamoring to take part in a future mission to Mars, NASA may have a creative solution.

The opportunity is open to become a passenger on the next Mars mission––well, your name will be a passenger. NASA’s “Send Your Name to Mars” is a program that lets space fans take part by submitting their name which will then become a part of a future spacecraft!

photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

All you have to do is head to the website and complete the form. Once your name is approved it will then be etched onto a microchip which is placed aboard the next spacecraft for a mission (which may or not be identified yet).

Once approved, you can also print out your very own boarding pass. Not only that, you can become a “frequent flyer” by signing up again when subsequent missions take flight!

Head to to add your name before the program closes.

––Karly Wood

photo: Pexels



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