photo: Pexels

Who loves coffee? Umm, let’s rephrase that. Who needs coffee? Hey mama, we know you need that jolt every now and then. After all, you just spent the night with a crying newborn, a toddler who wants an endless stream of sippy cups or a preschooler who insists there are absolutely monsters under her bed. And now you’re exhausted. Well, we’ve got news for you. September 29 is National Coffee Day! Oh, and you might just be able to score a free cup of it.

Free coffee? Those are pretty much your two favorite words — at least, right now they are. In honor of National Coffee Day some retailers are making sure that you get a cup of that liquid gold at no cost. Now wouldn’t that be perfect as an everyday thing?

Of course, you can’t get free coffee every day. That is, unless you plan on hanging in your auto dealer’s service shop’s waiting room five days a week.

So, who is offering free coffee? To start with, Dunkin’ Donuts is. Okay, so it’s not completely free. You have to buy a medium (or larger) hot coffee to get one free. Bring a friend and split the difference! If you can’t get to a free coffee spot on the 29th, Krispy Kreme has free hot coffee or a free small iced coffee all weekend long.

7-Eleven is giving one free coffee, per day, to their 7Rewards members. Other retailers offering free coffee on September 29 include Wawa, Cinnabon (at participating locations) and Top Pot Doughnuts.

If you’ve got your fingers crossed that your regular Starbucks fix will suddenly be free, sorry but you’re not in luck. Instead, they’re using this “holiday” to spotlight the role of coffee farmers around the world.

Where are you getting your freebie coffee? Tell us in the comments below.