If you have a dinosaur obsessed kid, then you need to keep reading. National Geographic today reports that Paleontologist and National Geographic Explorer, Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, has discovered unique swimming adaptations in a dinosaur. This is the first conclusive evidence that any dinosaur lived mostly in an aquatic habitat.


An international team of researchers, supported by the National Geographic Society, has reported the discovery of evidence that the Spinosaurus, the longest predatory dinosaur known, was aquatic, and used tail-propelled swimming locomotion to hunt for prey in a massive river system. 

A kid-friendly version of this breaking news alert is available on National Geographic’s free digital hub to support families and educators during COVID-19. 

You can find the new content, along with additional stories National Geographic Kids has put together for kids who love exploration and may be fascinated by dinosaurs here:

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—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: National Geographic


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