February is a busy month for the Tooth Fairy. Not only is she keeping up with all those lost teeth, but she’s celebrating Children’s Dental Health Month and Feb. 28––National Tooth Fairy Day!

In honor of this special time of month, Hold the Magic wants to give parents a way to provide a more meaningful experience beyond finding a few coins under the pillow. The website has everything you need to bring your family’s tooth fairy to life!

Hold The Magic wants to make losing teeth and an encounter with the tooth fairy more than just about money, and more about keeping childhood wonder alive with tiny gifts and stories that deliver lots of memories and a little bit of magic.

Each set is imported directly from Fairyland with gifts for three Tooth Fairy visits in each set. You’ll find a gold bag that holds a miniature treasure, a tiny Tooth Fairy letter in a sparkly envelope with a positive life lesson and of course, Fairy Dust to sprinkle lightly.

You can shop the entire selection of gifts at holdthemagic.com for $29 each. Overnight shipping is always an option, because you never know when your little might lose a tooth!

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Hold the Magic



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