After a day of don’t-stop-till-I-drop play, it’s a serious task to scrub those tiny fingers and toes to squeaky-clean perfection. If you think the list of stuff in the average bathtime products sounds scarier than what’s in a can of cheese whiz, opt to keep it simple with naturally produced products (no sulfates, no phthalates, no-nothing-ates!) to get the job done. We searched high and low for everything from bubble baths to tear-free shampoos and found our new favorites. Browse through the slideshow below to find out exactly what made a splash.

Honest Co. Healing Balm

Grease up eczema-prone areas and dry spots with this extra thick ointment. We dig the subtle herbal scent and organic ingredients so much that we’ve probably used half the tube on our own chapped hands and elbows.

Available at$12.98.

What is your favorite natural bath time product for kids? Share with us in the comments!

—Susan Banchek