photo: Bessi via pixabay

If nature photography completely sweeps you away, you’ll want to take extra special notes today! We’ve round up five quick tips to keep in mind when snapping nature with your camera or phone. Ready to go? Download our Nature Photography for Kids printable here and read on for our tips.

1. Keep steady. Nothing ruins a potential photo like shaky camera movement or unwanted blurs. Use a tripod to keep the camera still. Or if you’re using your camera phone, use both hands! You can bring your elbows into the sides of your chest to help stabilize the picture.

2. Mind the light. Morning and just-before-sunset afternoon light can give that romantic quality to any photo. Remember to keep your light source behind you when possible so the photos aren’t dark.

3. Emphasize foreground and background to enhance your photos. The foreground is the part of the scenery that’s closest to you and can often lead the viewer’s eye to the intended subject. For example, the beginning of a trail that leads to a gigantic redwood tree would be the foreground (the towering tree would be the background).

4. Get up close. Sometimes all the beauty your eye can see develops into a rather underwhelming subject matter for the camera. Think about getting up close to a specific subject, like one flower in a field of many, to really showcase the details.

5. Flip it. Turn your camera upside down to get your shot: with bigger phones it might be awkward to get that perfect shot and maneuver your thumb to the shutter. It’s easy to flip the photo once it’s in the photo library.

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—Christal Yuen