Trick or Treat! What do parents (ahem, we mean kids) really want in their plastic pumpkins this year? The National Confectioners Association took on this hard-hitting question and the results were a bit surprising!

In an online survey of 1,500 adults, the NCA found that chocolate was the favorite Halloween treat, followed closely by gummy candy. The twist might be the third place option, candy corn! Although the orange and white treat gets mixed reviews in public, Americans still want to see it in the mix.

You also might not have guessed that there are varied opinions on how to consume candy corn. While over half of respondents (52%) eat the whole piece at once, 31% start at the narrow white and and 17% start at the wider yellow end.

Last year’s Halloween was anything but traditional, but 93% of young parents said they’ll celebrate Halloween this year. An additional 80% said they’ll trick or treat, which (mostly) fell by the wayside in 2020. And if your kids do trick or treat, they’ll be in luck—79% of Americans said they’ll fill the candy bowl on October 31.

––Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Daisy Anderson, Pexels



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