Have you ever made a batch of cookies that just didn’t turn out right? Maybe they were burnt, too flat or stuck to the baking sheet. With more families staying (and baking) at home than ever before, Nestlé Toll House is making sure you’re covered from baking fails just in time for National Cookie Day (12/4). 

Chocolate chip cookies

In honor of the occasion, the brand is offering fans the chance to win free Nestlé Toll House cookie dough. Entries are open from Nov. 23 through Dec. 4.  

To enter:

  • Follow @NestleTollHouse on Twitter 
  • Respond to the brand’s giveaway tweet (live on 11/23) describing your baking fail in 140 characters or less, using #TollHouseRescue and #Sweepstakes 

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Pillsbury


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