Grab a pair of bell bottoms, pull out the polyester and go back to the ’70s for a disco-themed sweet treat! Nestlé Toll House’s Disco morsels will bring the bling to your next baking experience.

Like teeny tiny disco balls, the morsels sparkle and shine. Don’t worry about dusting your home with glitter just to bake a batch of disco-themed cookies. These chips are made with the same sparkly stuff your kiddo crafts with––just edible.

photo: Walmart

According to the packaging, this Nestlé Toll House product contains semi-sweet morsels and edible glitter morsels. The morsels are made with 100 percent real chocolate.

The glittery goodies are the perfect addition to everything from your freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to an ooey, gooey ice cream sundae. With a chip this special, your kiddo might just want to get creative in the kitchen. Think disco glitter pancakes, s’mores, brownies, or chocolaty sparkle trail mix. Snag a bag of Nestlé Toll House Disco morsels online at for $2.48.

If you’re still looking to up your baking game, the Disco morsels aren’t your only option. Nestlé Toll House Unicorn Pink and Blue Swirled Vanilla Morsels, Espresso Baking Morsels or Funfetti Morsels. Then again, you could just toss all the chips into one bowl of your fam’s fave cookie dough recipe and whip up a mix-and-match batch of colorful chocolate-filled goodness.

—Erica Loop



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