After the somewhat controversial release of the show last year, Netflix has added a new warning before 13 Reasons Why episodes, including the second season which will premiere later this year. The change is one of several tools that were inspired by parental feedback from a study commissioned by Netflix and carried out by Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Human Development

In a press release issued this week by the company, VP of Original Series, Brian Wright details several points that were realized through the study. One of the main topics was that parents needed more tools to handle discussions and guide positive reactions regarding the important issues that are depicted in 13 Reasons Why. The video below is what will now air before the first episode of each season of the drama.

Having the actors step out of character to deliver this important message was a key point made by parents in the study. Additionally, Netflix has added to their resources over on, including a viewing guide for each episode so that parents can address specific issues in each episode.

Netflix will continue the tradition of hosting a post-episode show like last season’s Beyond The Reasons. It will include appearances by actors and educators who will shed light on the issues addressed within the storyline. Finally, the show will continue to work with groups around the world to provide support in local communities for suicide prevention and other issues portrayed on 13 Reasons Why.

Given the reaction to season one of the show, we are interested to see just how these new tools will help equip parents and teens to continue to have open, honest, kind and productive conversations with each other about such important topics.

Did you watch the first season of 13 Reasons Why? Do you think these new tools are a step in the right direction? Let us know in our comments below.

––Karly Wood



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