For those kids who love to question everything about the universe around them, there’s finally a show that will help answer all of their budding curiosity. Netflix’s new science show, Brainchild, is like Bill Nye the Science Guy for a new generation—and the whole family will love it.

From executive producer Pharrell—who is also behind the Netflix hit True and the Rainbow Kingdom—comes a new series that explains the science behind everything from outer space to social media. The show answers all of life’s most important questions like, “do fish pee” and “is the five-second rule real?” (You’ll have to watch to find out.)

Host Sahana Srinivasan, a real-life University of Texas Austin student and stand-up comic, takes kids on exciting and often hilarious journeys to discover all kinds of interesting scientific facts. Between the jokes, puppets, animation and IRL kids taking part in challenges, even the most reluctant of learners will find exploring science fun and exciting and yet there’s plenty for your STEM lovers to learn too. This is edutainment at its finest.

The fact that this groundbreaking series is hosted by a young woman of color is not lost on us, either. The hope is that a female at the forefront will encourage more girls to build interest in the STEM fields.

“In the STEM and STEAM fields, there’s a lack of representation of women, and we’re hoping that shows like this will inspire young women to go into science fields,” Srinivasan told The Daily Dot. “But also, people of color and Indian women, too. I’ve had people reach out to me on Instagram and say, ‘It’s really cool to see representation and to see myself on the screen.’ Also for acting, too. Not just science.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Netflix via YouTube



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