It’s almost time to wave a fond farewell to the Tanner girls—again. Netflix recently announced the renewal of the fifth and final season of Fuller House.

In a recent YouTube video, Fuller House star Candace Cameron-Bure said, “We’re saving the best for last.” After five seasons, Fuller House is coming to an end.

In 2016 Fuller House brought D.J. Tanner (now Tanner-Fuller), little sis Stephanie and BFF Kimmy Gibbler back together once again. In it’s four seasons (so far), the Netflix series treated us all to a look forward, showing us what happened when our fave fab friends grew up and started their own families.

So what can you expect from the fifth and final season of Fuller House? Judging by Netflix’s announcement, more of what the show has treated viewers to over the past four seasons. The show, which is a top performer on the streaming service, will make its exit sometime in the fall of 2019. But don’t worry—you can still stream the Netflix Original long after the last episode drops.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Fuller House via Instagram



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