Big changes are coming to one of our favorite streaming services in the form of new Netflix parental controls. The company announced this week that it is improving existing features to provide families the tools to make educated decisions about what families can watch on its service.

The first change is to Netflix’s existing PIN parental control feature, specifically for individual movies and series. If you’re a regular user, you are probably already familiar with the Netflix PIN feature that addresses an entire maturity level. This new feature will now allow parents to make exceptions to the parental filter by placing restrictions on individual shows and movies, allowing kids watch only what their parents are comfortable with them watching at the individual show or movie level.

Netflix parental controlsPhotos: Courtesy of Netflix

The second big change Netflix announced is a placing a more prominent maturity level rating on the screen after a user presses the play button for a movie or TV series. Parents will be able to clearly see the MPAA or TV rating for each piece of content on the title screen as they begin watching. Finally, no more surprises!

Per the company, these are just the beginning of additional tools to keep viewers informed and in control of the large collection of content Netflix has to offer. As always, stay tuned for more news!

What do you think of the new parental controls for Netflix? Will your family be using them? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

––Karly Wood



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