You have never seen babies like this before. Netflix has entered the realm of early childhood. Filmed over the course of three years, Babies is a landmark documentary series that explores the miracle of the first full year of life through the pioneering work of leading scientists from across the globe.
The series examines the journey from helpless newborn to independent toddler. Follow the adventures of 15 international families featuring the latest research from eminent scientists who share their personal journeys of discovery into the infant mind. Babies explores the uncertaintly of parenting and the development of every major milestone achieved during the first year of life. You will witness the first bond a baby shares with its parents, to learning to feed, sleep through the night, crawl across the room, speak their first words, and discover the world around them – right up to those first steps of toddlerhood.
Babies launches on Netflix February 21, 2020.

—Jennifer Swartvagher  

Photos courtesy of Netflix


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