If you’ve been scrolling through your queue and saw Workin’ Moms on Netflix––stop! The hit show from Canadian network CBC has been picked up by the streaming provider and we couldn’t be more excited.

The mom-com follows four Toronto moms—Kate, Frankie, Anne and Jenny—as they navigate new motherhood and the dreaded end of maternity leave. We wrangled up the trailer for the first season and boy, does it hit close to home!

Developed by Black-ish star Catherine Reitman and based on her own experiences as a working mom, the show delves right into some of the more hilarious aspects of motherhood: baby yoga, those blasted baby strollers and dealing with the hilarious devastation of spilled breast milk.

For all it’s hilarity, the show still manages to touch on some serious and all-too-real topics, like postpartum depression, post-baby relationship struggles and the drive to be a successful career woman and a mom—all at the same time. It handles these of topics with honesty and grace and makes it totally binge-worthy.

CBC’s Workin’ Moms is actually in its third season already and has been nominated for nine Canadian Screen Awards (a.k.a., the Canadian version of the Oscars). Currently, only the first season is available on Netflix, so if you want to watch the other two you’ll need to take a trip to Canada and catch all the episodes on the CBC.

––Karly Wood

Featured photo: Courtesy of Netflix



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