Winter is here, which means the kids will be spending more time inside (and telling you they’re bored) in the weeks to come. Break up the boredom with a new activity book. From activities for new learners to journals for rebel girls, these seven new releases will make empty indoor afternoons go by in a flash.

I Am A Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions

The next step for girls inspired by the Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls series, this activity book comes in full color, helps a new generation of strong girls building a world-changing plan by asking questions to help them challenge what they already know. Girls will explore their identities, celebrate their ambition and learn to wholly love themselves just as they are. There are 100 unique activities such as writing letters to elected representatives, imagining themselves as business owners and more. There are even stickers!

Age: 8 & up.

Buy it at Rebel Girls, $20.


Highlights Learn On the Go Practice Pads

These large activity books from Highlights are full of colorful images, fun games and learning opportunities. Perfect for when you are on the go, choose from numbers, letters, tracing or puzzles books.

Age: 3-6

Buy it at Amazon, $4.99.

Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have

This LEGO project book isn't your typical activity book, but anything that promises to take up hours of our kids' time is a winner in our book. There are over 40 new robots, vehicles, games and gadgets for STEM-obsessed master builders. The instructions are easy to follow, and it’s a great way to actually use the bins of bricks you’ve got at home.

Ages: 3-7

Buy it at Amazon, $19.99.

101 Kids Activities That Are the Ooey, Gooey-est Ever!

The subtitle says it all: Nonstop Fun with DIY Slimes, Doughs and Moldables. Create everything from fake snow to glow-in-the-dark dough to Frog's Vomit. There's enough entertainment here to keep them busy all winter (and spring, and summer) long. All the activities are easy-to-follow, don't take complex ingredients and are (mostly) easy to clean up, too. 

Ages 6-10.

$21.99, available here

Outdoor Sports Sticker Adventure

Designed to help girls discover their confidence and spirit of adventure, this outdoor sports sticker book features strong and confident female role models that do everything from climbing mountains to white water rafting. The adorable stickers will capture your little trailblazer’s imagination, while the empowering messages will help them believe she can do anything.

Ages 4-8

Buy it at Amazon, 10.62.

The Computer Science Activity Book

This coloring book gives non-techy kids a first glance at computer science. There are illustrations, fun puzzles, vocab, word searches and more. It’s perfect for after-school clubs or even at home!

Ages: 9-11

Buy it at Amazon, $7.02.

Girl Power Brain Boosters

This colorful activity book is all about combatting brain drain with over 100 original activities including codes to crack, word puzzles, rhyming games, picture puzzles, memory challenges, mazes and more. The ultimate rainy day or airplane book, we think boys will love it too. 

Ages: 8 and up 

$14,99, get your copy here

Strong Is The New Pretty: A Guided Journal for Girls

This journal from the author of Strong Is the New Pretty is filled with meaningful quotes, over 20 of the most stunning images from the book (plus 20 new images!) and inspiring prompts that’ll allow your daughter to tap into her own “girl power.” Plus, it’ll encourage your kiddo to spend more time with her own thoughts and dreams than those she sees on social media.

Ages: 8-12

Buy it Amazon, $9.06


Bigfoot Fun Book!: Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Fun Facts!

Join the ever-elusive Big Foot as you make your way through a treasure trove of mazes, word searches, dot-to-dot pictures and other fun activities. Kids will learn about things like weather, state names and there are even animal stickers to help make the pages colorful!

Ages: 5-12

Buy it at Amazon, $7.40.

— Gabby Cullen



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