If the genie could grant your dreamiest donut wishes, then this new Aladdin-themed donut at Disney World would most definitely be it.

Designed to replicate the glittering Cavern of Wonders, the Aladdin Wish Granted donut is pure Disney magic. The donut is covered in golden sprinkles and topped with an edible gold, magic lamp, but the most epic detail is the smoke poof of blue cotton candy that floats on top.

As POPSUGAR is reporting this limited-edition confection is rolling out right on time to celebrate the release of Disney’s Aladdin, which hits theaters May 24. The donut will be available from May 1 – Jun. 30 in Adventureland within Magic Kingdom, at Sunshine Tree.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Dominiquemedia via Instagram



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