photo: Amazon app

Amazon has already revolutionized the way everyone shops and now they are changing the game yet again with a new social media component. With Amazon Spark, shopping for everything, from clothes to electronics, is like browsing through social media.

Amazon Spark is a new feature on the Amazon app that allows users to post pictures or product images in an Instagram-like feed. You can then tag the image and link it to the purchase page on Amazon. If you’ve ever been browsing your social media feeds and wondered just where someone’s outfit came from and how you could buy it, you will love this new feature.

Users can specify certain tags, like travel, fashion, food or parenting, to narrow down the feed images. A shopping bag icon in the bottom corner of the image indicates if items in the picture are for sale. You can also ask questions and interact with other users in the comments section below each post. While all Amazon members can access the feed, only Prime members can create posts and comment on them.

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