Apparently, size isn’t the only thing that matters. When it comes to your family car, that upgrade to the minivan you opted for when junior was born might have satisfied you for a little while—but now that the new car smell has worn off, something’s still missing. Don’t settle for Goldfish crumbs and sticky cupholders. It’s time to call Pimp Mama’s Ride. Read on for the scoop.

What It Is
A nationwide service (available now in most major metro areas) that makes it a snap to turn your regular ride into a parent’s dream car. Any car, no matter how worn, can be upgraded to something epic. The idea came from a lightbulb moment when CEO and founder Miriam Cabral came back from a long road trip with the kids and tried to clean out the car. That’s when she realized that with all the time spent in the car, why shouldn’t the car be part of the vaycay too? Pimp Mama’s Ride was born. With custom options from converting car seats into porta-potties (for reals!), replacing floor carpeting with plexiglass and even installing a mini juice bar, there is truly something to make your next family road trip all about the ride.

How It Works
It’s easy! Log on to the website to create an online profile: enter details like the make and model of your car, number of kiddos and age and personal likes and dislikes. We’re in love with the hilarious-but-handy sound system upgrade, which allows  you to play pre-recorded tomes that nag for you with a mere push of the button: Turn around. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t touch your brother. We’ll be there soon. You’re going to have to wait. No.

And if time isn’t ever on your side, busy moms will love the Mama Makeover option, which converts your glove compartment into a beauty salon, stocked with premium all-natural makeup, an electrical outlet, hot-rollers (for an additional fee), and hair bands. Once you’ve created a profile, a Pimp Stylist will contact you within two days with a plan including with the option to add or combine upgrades to get the perfect ride just for you and your family.

An appointment is made, usually during the overnight hours, and once scheduled the whole process takes less than 8 hours. So have hand over the keys and have that glass of wine: you’ll wake up to a whole new ride. You can even track your vehicle’s progress through their app.

Where to Get It
Want to learn more about Pimp Mama’s Ride or find out when they’re coming to your town? Click here for all the details and then use coupon code REDTRI to score $25 off your first booking. Visit the website to see before and after and read real testimonies from mamas who love their new 21st century mom-mobile.


How do you roll? Tell us in the comments section below. 

—Shelley Massey