Baby gear. It’s dizzying. Seriously. There are binkies, blankies and all kinds of stuff that your baby apparently must have. Oh, and even if you do your research and pick the paci to end all pacis, it’s always possible that your kiddo will want nothing to do with it. On top of that, you’re still not sure which baby essentials are actually good for your tiny tot. That’s where Smilo comes in. Yessss!

photo: Smilo

This isn’t your regular ol’ baby gear company. Nope. Smilo was founded by a team that includes a dentist, an industrial designer and a biomedical engineer. Hmm. Interesting. And chief executive Josh Wiesman patented his very first pacifier design when he was a sophomore in college. Yes that’s right mamas, when most dudes were playing beer pong, this awesome inventor was coming up with a better binkie.

Wiesman teamed up with his dentist, Dr. Dave Tesini, and the two started working on ways to make dentally-sound pacifiers. Fast-forward to Smilo and the pair, along with their other team members, who are using science to create soothing products that really do work. They currently have more than 50 patents, including four for their pacifiers and two for their bottle.

photo: Smilo

Smilo’s online shop offers three pacis right now. This includes their standard pacifier, a glow-in-the-dark version and one for newborns. These binkies are made with medical-grade, BPA-free materials, have a supportive shape and are sized for baby’s growth. Likewise, their bottles are made from medical-grade, BPA-free materials, come with an easy-grip sleeve and sport an anti-colic “mom-like milk duct.”

Does your baby have a favorite binkie? Share your kiddo’s picks and tell us about your paci experience in the comments below.