The new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is out March 17 and there’s a ton of swag to go along with it. Here are our favorite new items making their debut so you and your littles can unleash their inner Belle (and Beast). Read on for the scoop.

photo: Seedling

Seedling Crafting Kits
These super sweet kits from Seedling are not your typical movie swag. Whether your little ones want to capture their inner Belle (or Beast) with an Enchanted Rose Crown or the Flower Press Book we promise they will want to hang on to these precious gifts. The Flower Press Book comes with everything you need to dry and press petals and transform them into bookmarks, journals, cards and more. The Enchanted Rose Crown includes fabric rosebuds and flowers, ribbon, glitter, glue and more to create your own unique wreath of flowers perfect for the top of any mini Belle’s head.

Belle and The Beast LEGO Brickheadz
If you already have the Disney minifigure collection you’ll need to make room on the shelf (or in the LEGO bin) for the new B&B themed LEGO Brickheadz. Get your very own, detailed two-plus-inch figures of Belle and the Beast now.  

photo: Disney Princess PleyBox 

Disney’s Princess Subscription Box—creators of the popular mystery box subscription PleyBox—has teamed up with Disney to bring you the Disney Princess PleyBox: an exclusive box that appears like magic every two months at your doorstep, themed around one of the Disney heroines. Your loyal subjects can act out the story with 4-8 Disney Princess figurines, accessories and goodies galore. Who will be Princess of the Month? It’s a mystery! But we can promise you won’t be disappointed. And we’re pretty sure you’ll see Belle in rotation. Read more about it here

photo courtesy Target

Target’s Designer Line
The new collection of clothing at Target was designed with the help of the movie’s costume designer, Jacqueline Durran. Dresses, shirts, skirts and jackets are available now in baby, toddler and girl sizes. Shop here.

photo courtesy GAP

Gap’s Beauty and the Beast Collection
Gap’s Disney limited Beauty and the Beast collection is designed to be totally wearable and completely adorable in true GAP fashion. Think everything from dresses with rose embroidery and Mrs. Potts t-shirts to jean jackets with Belle bling. Shop the collection here

photo: Thomas Hawk via flickr

Okay, this one is not technically a Beauty and the Beast themed product,  but fans of the film will remember Belle’s love of books, so we’re including this cool subscription box from our favorite giant indie bookstore in Portland, Powell’s Books. It’s a curated box from the children’s books staff that includes a new picture book and additional fun surprises. Learn more.

Are you buying any cool Beauty and the Beast swag? What’s your favorite? 

—Amber Guetebier