What if your OB could tell you an exact due date and identify whether you’re at risk for a preterm birth, or not? Sounds kind of science fictiony. Right? Can a blood test predict your due date IRL? Well, the answer to this question may be yes.

Even though the research (which was published in the journal Science) is still in its early stages, Stanford University biophysicist Stephen Quake may have developed a test that can accurately provide doctors and mamas-to-be with the baby’s gestational age.

Photo: Pixabay.com

So yes, your doc already gives you a due date based on your last period. But that date isn’t always accurate. Quake’s blood test uses changes in RNA to estimate the due date within two weeks. Oh, and the blood test is much less pricey than the current gold standard in due date prediction—an ultrasound.

Not only can this blood test provide pretty accurate due dates, but it may also help to predict preterm births. This doesn’t mean the test will tell you exactly when you’ll go into preterm labor. It simply lets the medical team know if there is a real risk.

Before you run to your doctor and ask for the test, provided you’re pregnant right now, hold on just a moment. Even though the blood test shows serious promise, there’s still plenty of research that needs to be done—especially when it comes to predicting preterm labor.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Pixabay.com


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