You’ve come home to find your kids balancing just the right amount of pillows to build a fort, teetering on the edge of the bed contemplating how far she can jump without a running start and attempting to break the world record for tallest LEGO structure. Fuel their curiosity and sense of adventure with Exploralab, a new book that features over 100 mini-scientific adventures inspired by real exhibits at San Francisco’s renowned Exploratorium.

The Idea:
Exploralab is all about showing kids that science extends beyond the classroom and into their everyday life, whether they are in the bathroom getting ready for school or playing basketball with friends. Inspired by exhibits at SF’s Exploratorium, you’ll find tons of scientific adventures reminiscent of the Bay Area museum with a focus on hands-on play, discovery through experimentation, and fueling curiosity beyond the classroom.


Labs & Experiments:
The book is broken down into 14 different labs that focus on activities your kids do everyday like eating breakfast, getting ready for school and playing at recess. If you’re just waking up you can learn where light comes from, how the alarm clock works, the roots of morning breath (and how to test for it), and why yawns are contagious. Eating breakfast? Take this book with you to the kitchen table to launch a kitchen-counter chemistry experiment, learn about exotic morning fruit, and test to see if you’re a super-taster.


Each lab features experiments to run, games to play and puzzles to solve. You’ll also find a list of everything you’ll need, a blurb explaining the scientific facts behind the fun you’re having, brief bios of artists whose work bordered on science and tools like a magnifying glass and mirror.

What We Especially Love:
The creative photos and layout. Each page bursts with color and offers just the right amount of information for each experiment to get your kids on the path to discovery.

Good to Know:
Exploralab is best suited for the older kids aged eight and up. However, many of the experiments are appropriate for the little kids, with your adult supervision of course. Some good scientific adventures for the tots in your family are Throw a Yawn Party (page 18), Drop It! (page 59), and Singing Stones (page 97).

Exploralab by The Exploratorium (Weldon Owen, September 2013)
Available at amazon.com; $17

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