Known for an eclectic assortment of candy (think Rosé All Day and Champagne gummy bears), Sugarfina is THE luxe sweet shop. Now the confectioner extraordinaire is bringing us sugary, caffeinated goodness!

Infused with Alfred’s classic blends, these bears are the sweet little pick-me-up you’re looking for. But one word of caution—these candies are not for the littles. Along with tasting like your fave fresh brew, the gummies also contain actual caffeine. Good for you, not so good for your already energetic tot. So keep your stash in a mama-only space.

Not only are caffeinated gummies one of the most genius ideas ideas ever—these bears are absolutely aww-dorable. The candy comes in coffee bean-like bags, mini coffee cups and coffee tumblers, featuring flavors such as Iced Vanilla Latte, Cold Brew and Bourbon Cold Brew. And yes, the Bourbon Cold Brew Bears are made with a splash of real bourbon.

The caffeinated bears are available in select retail locations and online at and You can also enter to win an Alfred and Sugarfina Collection “Coffee Break” of Cold Brew Bears for your office now through Apr. 29! Visit Sugarfina’s website to fill out a “Coffee Break” entry form for your chance to score a slew of these grown-up gummies.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Sugarfina



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