Baby is precious cargo so buying a car seat that will keep your kiddo safe is a must. Other “nice to haves” on your list include comfort, the flexibility to use as your child grows and smart technology. The brand-new Eternis S with Sensorsafe from Cybex checks all of these boxes and more. It’s truly an all-in-one car seat boasting modern technology that we’ve never seen before. Read on for the full details of this groundbreaking new car seat.

Let’s Talk Safety Features

Cybex is all about merging design and functionality, while never compromising safety. Their new Eternis S is their latest car seat model that puts your child’s safety first. The Eternis S features a steel enforced frame and adjustable linear side-impact protection that absorbs up to 25% more impact forces in event of a side impact collision. Its energy-absorbing shell helps reduce the forces felt by your child should a collision happen. Other safe features worth calling out:

• All vehicles are different so you want your car seat to comfortably—and safely—fit in your backseat. The Eternis S makes it easy with its 10-position adjustable recline that you can maneuver one-handed. This adjustable recline ensures the proper angle to best fit your vehicle.

• Ever had your kiddo fall asleep in her car seat with her head slumped forward? This won’t ever happen with the Eternis S. The car seat is equipped with a 3-position patented reclining headrest that maneuvers your child’s head into a comfortable and safe position.

You’ll Flip for this Smart Technology

The modern technology of the Eternis S is seriously next-level awesome. First, you want to download the Cybex SensorSafe app, which is essential to accessing all the smart features of the car seat—not to mention it also includes Eternis S FAQs, how-to videos, guidance on installation and the digital manual for easy access whenever and wherever you are. The app is both android and iPhone compatible. Next, insert the small plastic receiver into your car’s OBD2 port. This receiver transmits information between your vehicle and the car seat and app.

Here’s where we’re colored impressed: the chest clip is equipped with what Cybex calls SensorSafe technology. Once you buckle baby in, the chest clip lights up blue to show you’ve not only buckled in properly, but that the SensorSafe is activated. Once activated, you’re alerted to a variety of safety infractions via the app and a beeping sound via the receiver. Below are a few things you’ll be alerted to:

Your child unbuckles his chest clip. Got a Houdini on your hands? Even if kiddo is out of sight, you will be alerted if your he undos his chest clip.

You forget your kid in the car. Once you break the bluetooth connection and are out of the same area as your child (let’s say you leave your child in the car and forget him as you make your way to the grocery store), you’ll instantly receive an alert via the app and the receiver that your kid is still strapped in. The alert appears every 60 seconds and if you do not respond by minute two (the third alert) a message will be sent to your group, which is like your emergency contacts. Whoever you designate as your emergency contacts will receive an alert and give them the last known location of the vehicle based on the phone’s navigation system.

But, if you don’t break the connection—for example, you stop to gas up the car—the car port receiver and your phone will beep every four minutes as a reminder that your child is still in his car seat. These alerts, coupled with contacting your emergency group, helps ensure no child will ever be left alone in a vehicle.

Your car is too hot or too cold. You’ll be alerted if the temps in your car are too extreme.

Your kid is seated for too long. We’re all for road trips but kids need a break. If your child has been seated for more than two hours while the car is turned on, you’ll get a notification that he may need a break.

How It Grows with Your Child

You can use this car seat starting from the day you bring baby home from the hospital through the next 10 years. Let that sink in. The all-in-one Eternis S can be used in a rear-facing infant (it comes with a removable newborn inlay that you can use starting at four pounds), forward-facing convertible and booster seat positions (specs of each position detailed out below). With this Cybex Eternis S car seat, you won’t have to research what car seat to buy for the next stage. Simply adjust the Eternis S’s headrest up to the next appropriate position (there are 12 easy-to-adjust headrest positions in all) each time your child reaches the next stage.

Other Perks That Set It Apart

The fact that this is a one and done car seat for every age and stage is one of the reasons we love the Eternis S. Below are a few more perks parents are buzzing about:

You don’t have to rethread the straps ever. The straps of the 5-point harness is no-rethread, which means the shoulder straps are adjustable without having to uninstall the car seat and then unthread the straps.

There is a magnetic buckle holder. Before putting your kiddo in the seat, affix each metal buckle to the side of the car seat, which ensures an easy entry (and exit) from the seat. No tangled buckles or straps here.

Clean up is easy. The machine washable cover is easy to take off and the dishwasher-safe cup holder can be placed on either side of the car seat for easy access.

Must-Know Weight and Height Details

Rear-facing infant: 4 pounds (removable newborn inlay for 4-11 pounds) up to 50 pounds and 17-48 inches

Forward-facing convertible seat: 22-65 pounds and 28-49 inches; child must be two years old

Belt-positioning booster seat: 33-120 pounds and 44-57 inches; child must be three years old

For full safety specifications click here.

Available at in Manhattan Grey or Lavastone Black. The Eternis S SensorSafe retails for $379.99

Copy by Erin Lem; photos courtesy of Cybex




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