With winter on the horizon, a cozy game night at home never looked better. Switch it up from a classic go-to game and introduce something new to your crew. From saving the day to a game you play in the dark, we’ve carefully curated our picks for the best new board games of 2018. Keep reading to see them all.

The Incredibles Save the Day

This cooperative game stars your fave superhero family—The Incredibles. Join forces to solve problems all around the city, while trying to rescue Jack-Jack before he teleports out of your grasp! Kids can play as their favorite family member, and everyone works together before the disasters get out of hand. Easy to understand, and so much fun, this is one of our top picks for new go-to favorites. 

Ages: 4 & up

Available at amazon.com, $19.99.


photo: Big Potato

Cinco Linko

This portable little game clips easily to a backpack or purse, making it a great game for on-the-go entertainment. The rules are simple: lay out your tiles to get 5 in a row (corners must touch). But winning? It’s trickier than you think!

Ages: 4 & up 

Available here ($14.99) and at Walmart in-stores for $9.99.

Superhero Snap!

One of the newest additions to the Superhero series by illustrator Jason Ford, this quick game of throw down, match up cards is easy enough even for preschoolers. Designed in a similar fashion to the card game of War, the first player to shout “Snap!” after matching up two superheroes or villains wins the pile. The first person to collect all the cards wins! Designed for two or more players.

Ages: 4 & up

Available at amazon.com, $7.60.

Build or Boom!

It’s a build-off to see who gets the job! Each player reads the blueprints, and carefully build his or her structure on the provided platform. Then, using the boomer (looks like dynamite) see whose structure will last! Using STEAM skills like shape recognition and analytical thinking, kids will literally have a blast playing this new game from Goliath Games. Two players.

Ages: 6 & up

Available on amazon.com, $14.97.

Monster Match

A game of speedy matching skills, simply roll the dice and try to find the monster that matches the dice rolled—three arms, five eyes? But don’t go too fast, or you might lose your donut points for picking the wrong monster. For two to six players, with a packable pouch that’s perfect for travel.

Ages: 6 & up

Available at amazon.com, $17.98.

Jurassic Park

Go back to where it all began—on the island of Isla Nublar. The power is out, and the dinos are on the loose! Pick between one of the original classic characters: Dr. Grant, Lexi, Dr. Malcolm, or even Dennis Nedry. And, one player controls the T. Rex, the Velociraptors and the Dilophosaurus! Work together against the dinosaurs to get the park back online and make it to the helicopter pad before it’s too late. But beware, if the dinosaurs beat three human characters, the game is over!

Ages: 10 & up

Available at target.com, $24.99.


A mix between Bananagrams, Scrabble and Memory, Word-a-Melon requires players to create words on the board, but beware! Once you roll the dice and flip the letters, whatever doesn’t get used is flipped back over, and you’ll need to remember where they are. It's time to use your melon!

Ages: 6 & up

Available at amazon.com, $18.49.

Boom, Bang, Gold

Gold has been discovered in Old Town and you need to collect as much as you can! Be wary of snakes, rats and ghosts on your search, and be prepared to duel it out with other players. Grab some dynamite and be on your way to fame and fortune! For two to four players.

Ages: 7 & up

Available at habausa.com, $29.99.

Lights Out!

The perfect game for a cozy winter night (or during a thunderstorm), be sure to create an awesome indoor fort before you play this game. The goal? Shadowlings (who are scattered across the forest and hiding in the shadows) must work together to defeat the light. Move across the board, try to avoid the light (a player) and get to the same tree to win the game. If the light gives away the Shadowlings whereabouts, they are frozen, and the game is over. Lights out!

Ages: 8 & up.

Available at amazon.com, $24.99.

Where’s Mr. Wolf?

In this new collaboration game from Blue Orange games, everyone helps get the barn animals back to where they belong before Mr. Wolf shows up! Keep an eye out for the furry fellow as you flip the tokens over, and remember, every time you flip him over, Mr. Wolf moves one space closer to the barns. Get all the animals to safety before he gets there to win the game!

Ages: 4 & up

Available at amazon.com, $17.99.


The stunning illustrations and the shout-out to your favorite classic Disney villains are enough to need this game at home. Pick between six classic villains: Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook and more. Deliver a good scare, set traps and (gasp!) vanquish a hero. A fresh way to look at classic Disney tales.

Ages: 10 & up

Available at amazon.com, $34.97.

The Game Plan Game

Do your kids have a game plan for when things get tricky? This new game, designed by three moms, helps kids learn important information and deal with real-life situations. The cheerful board looks like a small town, and kids roll the dice to move amongst the colored squares. After each role, they’ll then take a card from one of four different piles. There’ll be questions: “What’s the first thing you do before riding your bike or scooter (Put on a helmet)?” and chances to memorize home phone numbers and important people’s names. And, since it requires an adult game leader, it’s perfect for family game night!

Ages: 4 & up.

Available for digital download ($10.99) or as a physical game board ($24.99) at gameplangame.com.


Introduce your kids to a modern version of the classic wooden marble run you knew and loved as a kid. But this time, players can create their own run with rubber bands and pegs. Players get two minutes on the Tic Toc Timer to get three out of four balls into the right color-coded hole. Tons of fun for everyone!

Ages: 8 & up.

Available at wham-o.com, $29.99.

Ya Blew It!

Up to six players can play this fast-paced game that involves digging deep in the deck of cards to mine for diamonds. Other prospectors might try to steal your loot, so be on guard! You can play it safe or push your luck to go for bigger and better claims, and everyone will love the suspense that comes from rolling the unique eight-sided dynamite dice.

Ages: 8 & up

Available at amazon.com, $16.99.


Ticket to Ride: New York City 1960

The latest version of the popular strategy game, Ticket to Ride: Express New York City 1960 will take players to the Big Apple, where they’ll race to visit the most famous tourist attractions, take taxi cabs playing pieces all over the city and complete your Destination Ticket. A fun refresh to a classic board game.

Ages: 8 & up.

Available at target.com, $17.99.

Five Little Fish

This fun fishing-themed game tests your tots memory skills and dexterity. Using the fishing poles, they can go fish for one of four fish to see if their tails match the color on the lily pad cards.

Available on amazon.com, $19.99.

— Gabby Cullen

All images courtesy retailers.