With winter on the horizon, a cozy game night at home never looked better. Switch it up from a classic go-to game and introduce something new to your crew. From saving the day to a game you play in the dark, we’ve carefully curated our picks for the best new card and board games of 2019. Keep reading to see them all.

Antsy Pants Bingo Game

B-I-N-G-O! This new take on the classic Bingo game from Antsy Pants is a great gift idea. The priced-just-right game comes with four playing cards, 24 icon cards and 80 markers and is great for littles just learning the art of game play.

Ages: 4 and up

Available at Target, $7.99.

photo: Wicked Cool Toys

Hank's Twisted Challenge

A game night never looked so hilarious! Hank's Twisted Challenge is the newest way to get the wiggles out and can be played in four ways. Use the spinner to determine how to twist the wire, add the ball and try your best to get the ball to the end of the wire. Don't forget the photo opp!

Ages: 5 and up

Available at amazon.com, $15.88.

Harry Potter Labyrinth

The Harry Potter Labyrinth version of Ravensburger's classic game is a great way to incorporate your love for the gamed wizard into a game night––no magic necessary. Try and reach all your targets and treasures as you move through the labyrinth, and enjoy this easy-to-play game with the whole family.

Ages: 7 and up

Available at amazon.com, $28.67.

Trapper Keeper Board Game

Introduce your kids to the best decade ever––the '90s. Two to five players will use their Trapper Keeper folders to keep track of cards, like Homework, Quizzes, Signatures, Report Cards, Notes from Classmates and Field Trip Slip. The person with the most point wins. Totally tubular, dude.

Ages: 8 and up

Available at Target, $16.99.

Across the Board Handcrafted Baseball Game

Take your love of American's past time to a new level with Across the Board's handcrafted, wooden Baseball game. Weighing almost three pounds, this beautiful game lets players use the dice to determine each at bat and keep score on a dry erase board. This will quickly become a family fave and an heirloom.

Ages: 6 and up

Available at Across the Board, $50.

photo: Target

The Chameleon

A great one for multi generations, think of it as part spy, part bluff and a little bit of politicking all rolled into one. There's one secret word that every one knows except the chameleon, and rapid deduction can help identify who it is. The game says it's recommended for ages 14 and up but we played all night with an 8-year-old, two fortysomethings and a 78-year-old and loved every minute. It takes only a couple of minutes to learn the rules and each game goes really fast, making it the perfect game to have on hand with visiting relatives. 

Available at target.com, $19.99

Election Night

This new game uses math and geography to teach kids about the electoral system. Two players battle for critical electoral votes in a race for the presidency, but we think a class of kids could form teams to involve more players. Developed by a veteran and SAT tutor of 20 years who wanted a way to make learning these valuable facts simple, easy, and enjoyable for his daughters, this is a great classroom gift for your child's school, too! 

 Get it on Amazon, $39.95

photo: Breaking Games

Rise of Tribes

Great for older kids, players will control a tribal faction to grow, move, gather and lead their people––all in prehistoric times. Rise of Tribes is all about advancing your people, building villages and gathering resources as one player seeks to win it all.

Ages: 10 and up

Available at Walmart, $49.90.

Cheeky Butts

Kiddos as young as five can enjoy Bananagram's new Cheeky Butts game. The hot potato-style game is all about spotting and matching before the timer goes off. Make sure you find the most derrieres, get a ton of tokens and take home the prize for the most cheeky butts!

Ages: 5 and up

Available at Bananagram.com ($14.99)

Floaty Flight

An adorable game in a travel-friendly case, HABA's Floaty Flight is great as a game on the go. Use the magnetic pieces and set out tiles, while taking turns to try and find your opponent's floaties. Floaty Flight is just one of several new games, like Air Bears in HABA's new lineup of travel games.

Ages: 6 and up

Find it on HABAUSA, $14.99.

Drop Squad The Escape!

Fun for the entire family, Drop Squad the Escape! is big on action. This all-in-one game features marbles, cards and a two and a half foot-board that challenges players to think ahead and plan their escape––all before everyone else.

Ages: 5 and up

Available at Amazon, $59.99.

Party Bowl

Say hello to your newest family fave game, especially for the holidays. With a catchphrase like "3 rounds, 2 teams, and 1 Party Bowl" everyone is guaranteed a good time. Players use the included prompt cards to come up with words or phrases before tossing in the Party Bowl, then the two teams then compete to out-guess each other for three rounds of fun!

Ages: 6 and up

Available at amazon.com, $16.99.

Seal Squad

The easy to play Seal Squad can be done in less than 15 minutes! The cooperative game's goal is collect as many fish as you can before the walrus gets to them first. Fun for young kids and parents alike, this well-priced game makes a great stocking stuffer.

Ages:  6 to 8

Available at Bicycle Cards, $5.99.

photo: Booty Dash Game

Booty Dash

Don't let this little deck fool you: it's a quick game to learn but a very tricky one to win. One player uses cards to create a "map" to the treasure (aka booty) and the other player must then navigate the map. Battles are done via a Rock, Paper, Scissors model. It's fun, fast-paced and challenging. Plus, the art on the cards is attractive and entertaining.

Available at bootydashgame.com, $13.

Thinking Putty Puzzle

Sharpen your kiddos STEM and logic skills with ThinkFun and Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Puzzle. Coming with 60 puzzle cards, six colors of putty, a puzzle grid and so much more, this single-player game is great for beginner to expert puzzlers.

Ages: 8 and up

Available at amazon.com, $24.95.


Have you ever wanted to create your own world? With Blue Orange Games' new game, Planet, you can! Players will work to create the most populated planet in the universe by selecting tiles for things like deserts, oceans and mountains and placing on a 12-sided 3-dimensional planet core. A 2019 Mensa select winner, Planet is here for hours of family fun.

Ages: 8 and up

Available at amazon.com, $31.56.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Have explosive fun with the Boom Goes the Dynamite card game, and sneak in a little math, too! Use the special cards to ignite as many matches as you can, in addition to putting your memory and strategy skills to good use in this family-friendly game.

Ages: 8 and up

Available at amazon.com, $10.95.

Disney Villainous: Wicked To The Core

The newest game in the Disney Villainous world is 2019's Wicked To The Core. This family strategy game allows players to take on the role of a famed villain like the Evil Queen from Snow White, Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog, and Hades, from Hercules. Mix with the first game in the franchise, The Worst Takes It All, or play on its own––this game is wickedly fun.

Ages: 10 and up

Available at Target and amazon.com, $24.99.

Who Pooped? A Matching & Memory Game

Let's be honest, kids never shy away from a discussion about poop. That's why the hilarious matching and memory game, Who Pooped? is a must for wishlists this year. Created with adorable illustrations, kids will thoroughly enjoy matching 25 animals with their droppings in this laugh out load game.

Ages: 3 and up

Available at amazon.com, $12.61.


Great for families with older kids, Doubles! is a fast-paced game where players use a spinner to pick a letter, then quickly try to complete their categories before their opponent rolls a double and steals the board. Have younger kids in the fam? The game makers have made it easy to tone done for littles, too.

Ages: 12 and up

Available at amazon.com, $19.99.

Shuffle Grand Prix

Vibrant graphics and just the right amount of action and strategy, Shuffle Grand Prix is the perfect intro to strategy-focused games. Players pick their drivers then try to beat their opponents to the finish line. A great racing game that involves no screen-time, Shuffle Grand Prix is family fun for everyone.

Ages: 13 and up

Available at amazon.com, $19.99.

photo: Yulu Toys

King of the Ring

Do you have what it takes to be king of the ring? This quick game is simple fun and can be played with kids as young as four, plus, it's exciting enough to keep adults engaged too! Players attempt to spin their game piece to the middle of the ring, and push other players out of the way to take the top spot before time runs out!

Ages: 4 and up

Available at Target, $15.99.

The Furglers

Can you find all the Furglers? The name of the game is catching as many as you can before they get taken, and to get to 15 points. This burgle-inspired game is great for your next family night and can be played with two to five players.

Ages: 7 and up

Available at Bananagrams.com and Target, $14.99.

Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers

Not Parent Approved is basically the kids version of Card Against Humanity. Each box comes with 455 cards for hours of mischievous fun, plus new in 2019 are the extra expansion packs for category-specific rounds. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the limited-edition expansion pack will benefit the charity Wheels for Humanity, an organization that provides appropriately fitted wheelchairs for children and adults with physical disabilities.

Ages: 8 and up

Available at amazon.com, $24.99.

Llama Drama-Holiday Edition

You'll have a spitting good time with Llama Drama's Holiday Edition game! The fave game is back in festive and fab style, with the entire llama gang dressed up to party. This family-friendly game of luck and strategy is perfect for your holiday get togethers!

Available on Amazon.com, $12.95.

—Karly Wood

All images courtesy retailers. 



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