The books young readers love the most contain heartfelt stories and characters they can relate to. The new children’s book Why?, written and illustrated by two-time Caldecott and Geisel Honoree Laura Vaccaro Seeger, has all the makings of your family’s new favorite read. It poignantly celebrates kids’ inherent curiosity to discover more about the world via a sweet friendship between a Rabbit and a Bear. Read on to learn why Why? is poised to become an instant classic you’ll want to add to your permanent collection.

Reading Between the Lines

Why? follows the friendship between Rabbit and Bear through spring, summer and fall. While the seasons around them change, their bond remains a comforting constant in a world full of uncertainty. Written in an engaging question and answer format, Rabbit plays the role of an inquisitive child while Bear acts as the wise, patient sage responding to Rabbit’s endless stream of inquiries.

Bear provides an explanation for everything that puzzles Rabbit––and even when Bear ultimately can’t give an answer, he gently tells Rabbit, “I don’t know why. Sometimes I just don’t know why!” (Much like we as parents have to honestly tell our own kids sometimes).

Why? empowers kids to be confidently curious like Rabbit, while inviting them to figure out the answers to Rabbit’s questions as they read the book. This, the author believes, encourages independent thought and informed decision-making, while also holding space for the questions that don’t have immediate answers and realizing that gradual discovery is part of life’s process.

5 More Reasons Your Kid Will Love Why?


1. Curious kids will relate to the story and get to live vicariously through Rabbit, the mouthpiece for their internal voice. Rabbit has an unquenchable yearning to learn more about “why” things are as they are. Rabbit’s constant inquiring will make kids feel more comfortable with this aspect of their nature, while encouraging them to always ask questions.

2. Subtle lessons about nature and science are interwoven in Bear’s answers, making this story appealing to kids’ desire to gain helpful knowledge alongside Rabbit.

3. Bear’s example of steadfast calm provides a safe haven in which kids will want to reside during bedtime stories.

4. The delightful watercolor illustrations that bring Bear and Rabbit to life are at once soothing and whimsical. Kids will feel drawn into the story as they see each animal’s expressive personality unfold in myriad ways on every page.

5. The book’s simple text enables kids to use Why? as a learning tool to practice solo reading.

Learn more about Why? and buy yours here.

––Beth Shea