The collectible trend is still going strong, and we’ve found three new lines that’ll thrill your kids this summer. From the newest Fingerling that feeds the dino craze to a creature that’ll keep your kids learning long after they open it up, keep reading to see them all.

Lock Stars

Lock ’em, swap ’em, wear ’em! The secret is out—Hasbro recently unveiled Lock Stars, the funk and funky characters that come with a key to unlock a hidden surprise. There are 48 designs to collect: from a robot to a princess, a zombie and much more. Lock Stars are a good addition to that growing group of backpack charms your kid covets,  and come August, they’ll be ahead of the trend.

Available for pre-order at, $14.99. (Jun. 26)

UNTAMED by Fingerlings

Blaze, Stealth, Fury and Razor. Meet the newest addition to the Fingerlings craze. Each one of these little collectible creatures reacts to sound, has wild roars and are fiercely loyal. With just the stroke of a finger, your dino tamer can make these little prehistoric creatures go from ferocious to friendly à la Chris Pratt-training style in a heartbeat.

Available at, $14.84.

Beaker Creatures

These little collectibles combine two of the biggest toy trends this year: collectibles and toys that teach. The Beaker Creatures bring science to the “Big Reveal,” and leave a lot of learning behind. There are 35 collectibles (from five different families) that arrive from outer space via Reactor Pods. Kids get a super-special Liquid Reactor which will reveal exactly which character has landed: an Astrolyte, Frostonian, Oceanite, Buglette or Minisaur. Your little scientist will identify their new creature with classification cards, facts and amazing experiments, all of which are included. And for the oh-so-rare factor, there’s a limited-edition mystery figure in each series, which encourages kids to experiment and collect more!

Available for pre-order at, $4.99 & up. (May 31st).

— Gabby Cullen



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