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photo: Pixabay

Where’s your child? Oh, lucky you. Your tween or teen has a cellphone for you to text. Yep, your kiddo should have been home from school five minutes ago, so you text him. Nothing. You text again. Nothing. Then he walks in the door and gives you that, “Yeah, I saw your text. But I didn’t think about answering it” response. Well, one dad found a way to get around this scenario — he created the ReplyASAP app.

What’s ReplyASAP? To start with, it’s the pure genius brain-child of London-based dad Nick Herbert. It does exactly what you’ve probably fantasized about. Umm, we’re talking about the daydreams of your child actually acknowledging your texts and not the ones about any of the Hemsworth brothers.

This app makes it pretty much impossible for your child to ignore your texts. When you send a text an alarm sounds. And it keeps sounding. That is, until your child reads it.

How does the app work? After downloading the free app, you pay for a “bundle.” These start at $1.27 and vary based on the number of people who you want to connect with the app (in other words, mom, dad, grandma… you get the picture). You can schedule your ASAP message or send it just like a real-time text. Now here’s the absolutely beautiful part, it takes over your child’s phone.

kids' app

Yep, it forces your kiddo to stop Snapchating, Instagramming or playing games as it does its very own full-screen takeover. In order to turn the alarm off and get back to whatever he or she is doing, your child has to press “Snooze for 3 minutes” or hit cancel. In any case, you get a notification.

Right now the app is only available for Android. But it will be available for iOS devices soon.

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