photo: Pexels

You can’t wait the nine long months to know what your baby will look like. Here’s where genetic testing comes into play. But this time we’re not talking about the heavy stuff. Nope. HumanCode’s BabyGlimpse DNA test (with accompanying app features) is more about the light, fun side of genetic testing and less about the super-scary stuff. In other words, you’re not going to get any bad news with it. That is, unless you’ve always wanted a blonde baby.

BabyGlimpse lets you explore more than 20 different traits. Unlike the DNA testing that the docs do, HumanCode calls this, “sunshine science.” They explain, on their website, that this test is purely for informational purpose — oh, and fun too. The makers of BabyGlimpse also add that this is, “not a medical test.”

So how does it work? You use the at-home saliva collection kits, and so does your baby daddy. After the sample collection, register your test online and send the company your saliva. After the analysis they’ll give you the genetic predictions for your soon-to-be baby’s eye and hair color, sleep behaviors, sunlight sensitivity and other possible passed-down traits.

If you’re wondering whether this test will accurately predict what your baby will look like, the jury is still out. It might, or it might not. But hey, the whole idea is to have fun anyway. Right?

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