How much screen time is too much screen time for my kids? When should I get my child their own phone? How do I make distance learning fun? When you have a question about parenting, oftentimes your first reaction is to Google it.

Fortunately, these are just a few of the trending topics for families on Google Search that informed the creation of robust new resources to help families navigate through the ins and outs of technology with their kids. Introducing Google’s new site for families that has everything parents need to navigate the digital playground: popular apps and games, parental controls, online safety and digital wellbeing, fun online activities to do as a family and so much more. Read on to learn more about Google’s new resources for families.

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Okay, I’m Intrigued. Tell Me More.

Today’s parents are raising the first generation of kids to grow up with technology all around them—no pressure, right? This new resource from Google gives parents the information and support they need to help them decide how their families can best manage technology. This includes everything from tips on popular tech to online safety to how your family can explore and learn online together. Plus, Google teamed up with more trusted partners like Common Sense Media, Sesame Workshop, PBS Kids and Headspace for even more expert input on the topics that parents are asking about!

Sounds Cool! Where Do I Get Started?

The new site is a hub with loads of information to guide your family through your own technology journey. To get started, you can find resources on how to begin the conversation by having the tech talk with your kids; which will help you establish your family's tech rules, learn about your kids’ favorite online activities, discuss healthy tech habits and teach every member of your family to stay safe online! Google’s Be Internet Awesome will help you guide the conversation, and Google’s action-packed game Interland will help teach your kids all about online safety and digital citizenship. Bonus: All of these resources are completely free!

What Else Can I Find?

So. Much. More. When your kids are ready for additional independence, Google has tips on Parental Controls and Online Safety. If you’re not so sure about the new apps, games or platforms your kids are talking about, the Popular Tech section can help you out with articles explaining the newest trends. The Family Fun pages are packed with resources for your family to explore and learn right from your living room like dinosaurs at the museum from Google Arts & Culture or different animals, cities, and cultures on Google Earth, to Classroom Tools to navigate distance learning, tools for school and online accessibility options.

Ready to get your family’s tech journey started? Learn more at!

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