Muncha, muncha, muncha. You never know when a snack attack will strike. Avoid a case of the rumbling tummies by keeping healthy bites on hand — the easier to serve, the better! We scoured grocery stores for the newest good-for-you foods and found some winners. From gluten-free pretzels to kid-friendly dessert mixes, the following snacks will keep your little chowhound happy.

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Pretzel Perfection Twice-Baked Pretzel Sticks
For major crunch appeal, skip chips and snap up these gourmet pretzel sticks. They are gluten- and nut-free, which makes them a safe choice when you’re “snack parent” and have to buy munchies for an entire classroom or sports team. They come in flavors including Garlic Herb, Tomato Basil, Stoneground Mustard, Chipotle BBQ and Lemon Toffee. And there’s not an artificial flavor, color or preservative to be found.

Available at, $5.79 for a 3-ounce box.

Happy Tot Best Friends Toddler Cookies
“C” is for “cookie.” It’s also for “cute” and “craveable,” which these new treats certainly are. Shaped like puppies, they’re made with whole grains and are gluten- and dairy-free. The flavors are anything but vanilla; choose Chocolate Pumpkin and Honey Buckwheat. Another plus: The pouches they come in are small enough to slip into a diaper bag or purse.

Available online at, $4.99 for a 4.5-ounce box & $33.42 for an 8-pack.

Zemas Madhouse Foods Baking Mixes

If your kids like to cook, introduce these new gluten-free and vegan mixes to your pantry. In a few simple steps, you can whip up everything from Peruvian Sweet Potato Pancakes to Black Bean Brownie Bites. Each mix has a superseed trio of hemp, chia and flaxmeal. You may never go back to donut holes.

Available online at, $8.95 per mix.

Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Waffles
While bees can be pesky on the playground, they do help in making some appetizing treats. Honey Stinger has added to its line of honey-based nutritional foods with organic waffles for kids. The light, slightly sweet and just-crispy-enough rounds come in two flavors: honey and chocolate. They have no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. Each waffle is individually wrapped, so they are great for on the go. We think they’re the bee’s knees.

Available online at, $4.99 for a box of six.

What is your family’s go-to snack? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Kelly Aiglon

Cover photo: meeshypants via Flickr creative commons